Stomach the loss, get rewarded

January 31, 2019 // by Jesse Crypto Backer // , // No comments

Interesting day in the stock market, GE up after earnings. Buying a Call for $0.14 and selling at $0.65. With options though, everything is multiplied by 100 for every contract. Resulting in a $14 purchase and $65.00 sale, netting me $51.00. I may have to find my next options contract or two!

Sticking with CRON until lunch gained me all my losses from yesterday's sell off. Bought at $1.00 and sold at $1.19 for a net profit of $19.00. This contract was down to $0.72 at close yesterday, which was very nerve racking. I stuck with it though!

I phrase that has stuck with me is: "You really haven't lost anything until you sell it." Chances are it will likely go back up sometime from now, maybe not today or tomorrow.

I think I've been lucky thus far to be honest. I need to keep on my researching and learning to study charts. Robinhood has yet to let me do options spreads due to inexperience, I bought a put manually to cover CRON and sold it when I saw the price climb back up. Lost a little, gained a lot.

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Your day could 180 at any moment...

January 30, 2019 // by Jesse Crypto Backer // No comments

The day started off really great. Thought AMD had topped out, so I closed my position. Profit $10! NBEV finally started to come back from it's pull back and ACB traded sideways all day long..

So I thought I'd try my fist deal with option, I looked to GE for my first purchase. So far, great! Spent $13, easy $4 right away... let's look at crazy growing stock CRON in the Cannabis sector..
Well... Lost all my profit and then in minutes. I also bought a put, but accidentally on the wrong day. That didn't help me one bit. Let's hope tomorrow it rebounds hard!

The temperature where I live today...

Attitude and Goals

January 29, 2019 // by Jesse Crypto Backer // No comments

After today's upset right away in the morning when I bought back in, things aren't looking too bad overall. Sometimes you need to just zoom out and look at the big picture. Take time to set up acheivable goals and a strategy. This helps me keep optimistic about this venture. A gain of 17.72% since I started about a month and a half ago, since I'm aiming for that 15-20% window.

Time to enjoy supper and thank you for reading!

Beginning of Something Big

January 29, 2019 // by Jesse Crypto Backer // No comments

Hello, new to the blogging venture. My Name is Jesse Backer and I'm tired of a single source of income!

December 12, 2018 I decided to try the Robinhood app for small investors. So fairly recent start and very steep learning curve.

Choosing AMD as my very first investment, it fell... And fell.. from $21, $20, $18 and finally touching $17.50. I bought at every level I thought it was going to reverse.

Don't be afraid and don't invest money you don't have! (Just a tip, I'm not a financial advisor!)

Today, January 29th, a harsh day, purchasing at the wrong time and watching a small amount of what I gained instantly disappear. AMD, again came back in the end. I'm glad I stated with a small amount as a larger amount of money would've had me crying and biting my nails out. Hopefully, in time, I will learn to curb my emotions and learn to make logical decisions.

That's it for today everyone. Of course I'm going to share my Robinhood referral if you want to start a similar journey, please use my link!

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