Thursday Mining Update 2

April 25, 2019 // by Jesse Crypto Backer // , , // No comments

Update: Unfortunately, I don't have an internet connection at my house in the country until my new provider comes to install it. I've resorted to using a tether through my cell phone for the time being. Bandwidth is low, latency is high and I have a data cap. So, until then, the blog updates will be sparingly and no YouTube video updates.

Stocks markets have been doing well in some sectors. No spotlight on Cannabis stocks lately, I think I may have to buy in more to lower my average cost and wait for another run up.

Bitcoin saw a nice increase in price to a 5 month high, only holding out for an hour before falling. I personally think this is a correction and it will continue to climb past $6,000.

As seen in the picture, a  mere 24 of mining on my system has gained another $1.15 of bitcoin, which I still plan to hold in my saving account.

I use a AMD powered system, including a Ryzen 5 2600 and RX570 4GB to mine cryptocurrencies.



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